Natural Ways To Handle Withdrawal Syndrome

It is very difficult to withdraw alcohol or drugs after a prolonged history of the stuff. The riposte of the body and brain towards the process of detoxification can lead to an excruciating experience that the individual may face both physically as well as mentally. This is where the real challenge comes into the scene, whether to remain committed to the pain and therapy or to go back to the habit of drug intake. The medical science has, however, come up with medications to help the drug addicts start a new sober life. The issue with medications is that the effect is limited and can cause the relapse. One way to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms along with medication is to go natural. The following describes eight natural ways to deal with drug withdrawal symptoms:

  1. Exercise:

Exercising every day is as important as eating your meals and drinking water. This regular activity can help in reducing the painful symptoms associated with drug withdrawal. Exercising can:

  • Help in  weight management
  • Lower the blood pressure; hence prove beneficial during panic attacks.
  • Improve the strength of muscles and bones, thereby creating harmony in the system
  • Fill the body with energy, good mood, and puts you in a relaxed mode

Exercises help in normalizing the hormones in the body. The level of serotonin improves due to proper blood flow. Physical activity causes a proper regulation of the biological clock. Exercise reduces craving for the drug thereby helping to manage the addiction.

The exercise need not be vigorous. A mild exercise or a brisk walk can also help initially. One can increase the workout only after proper check-up and recommendations by the doctor. Additionally, when you order generic tramadol online, make sure you consult with your doctor about the appropriate dosage that doesn’t get you addicted.

  1. Meditation and yoga:

A healthy mind and soul are two inseparable factors and what strengthens the bond between these two entities is meditation. Meditation yet again helps in improving the levels of serotonin, and reduced production of cortisol. Apart from this, it stabilizes the body and activates the chakras. The effect of withdrawing of drug is hardly felt if a person practices yoga and meditation. These reduced the dependency of the body on addictive substances and helps in focusing better. Not just this but yoga and meditation ensure a proper cleansing of the body and influx of positive energy. Meditation compliments yoga and soothes the brainbrings mental peace from within and replaces cravings with other desirable behaviors.

Studies suggest that the women who wished to quit smoking started the therapy along with yoga. They had much better long-term results than other quitters.

  1. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture can also be of great value to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Publications in medical journal Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine have suggested that acupuncture has helped in treating addiction. Studies from Acupuncture in medicine indicate that acupuncture was more probable to have positive results only with the decrease of withdrawal syndrome rather than sobriety. The therapy can generate a balance in the body. A research publication has indicated that reduces the levels of normal neurotransmitters in the brain that cause anxiety, agitation, and stress during drug withdrawal. Rather, it stimulates the release of the body’s natural pain killer, endorphins. It alleviates the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal. Acupuncture therapy can be very relaxing and soothing and can improve the sense of control in the arduous situation. Acupuncture has shown the best of its results in tramadol like opioid-based drug withdrawal.

  1. Nutrition:

Nutrition is a very essential part of our daily routine. Balanced nutrition can not only boost the process of healing during drug withdrawal but helps in better control of the urges. Nutrition deficiency, on the other hand, can deteriorate the situation further. The National Library of Medication has mentioned how prolonged use of drugs can induce a severe deficiency in the body:

  • Loss of electrolytes due to the use of opioid drugs like tramadol
  • Deficiency of Thiamine, Vitamin B6, and folic acid due to alcohol
  • Excessive hunger and cravings for food-induced by Marijuana that can lead to obesity

Hence, to bring the body back to the normal state, one must thoroughly get the levels of vitamins and minerals checked in the body and include a good proportion of the deficit content in the diet.

  1. Hot Baths:

Withdrawal syndrome can include signs like severe body ache, stretching muscles, agitation, insomnia, and more. Hot water bath can:

  • Stimulate blood flow in the body
  • Invigorate strength and flexibility in muscles
  • Revitalize neurons to perform better

 Addition of Epsom salt to the hot water tub can enhance the process of detoxification and reduced ache in the body. Detoxification is an important step involved with drug withdrawal. It should be noted that hot water therapy should not be given to a person with a fever. However, keeping warm eases the body.

  1. Hydration:

Water makes up about 70% of our body. Keeping hydrated, in general, indicates good health. Drugs withdrawal can be associated with vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating, especially in the case of tramadol like opioid drugs, thereby causing excessive loss of water and electrolytes. Drinking water with amounts of electrolytes added to it assures that the signs of dehydration do not coincide with those associated with a withdrawal syndrome.

Hydration can help to cope up with headaches and other body pains. It increases the purification and filtration process in the body and detoxifies the entity. Beverages which contain a good amount of electrolytes should definitely be opted for.

  1. Entertainment:

Entertainment is a perfect way to distract you from the persistent signs of withdrawal. It can help to ease the discomfort that lingers to the body all throughout the rehabilitation course. Good activities can help in:

  • Stabilization of mind and directing it away from drug cravings
  • Maintains happy hormones to de-stress the body
  • Keeps you engaged

Watching movies, taking a stroll around the park, listening to music, and spending time with your beloved companion, certain things like these can release endorphins to counteract craving for drugs. Laughter is the best medicine even in this case. A vacation is a must in this case.

  1. Use of NSAIDs:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and OTC pain killers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help in immediate relief in case of anxiety attacks and agitation related to withdrawal. These medicines become very useful to deal with the signs of opioid drug addiction. NSAIDs can take care of the fever and severe sweating signs of opioid withdrawal. Pain and nausea can also be controlled through these.

Bottom line:

Withdrawal symptoms can extend from a few days to a few months depending on the rate of addiction in the body. Hence, it is important to bear signs with a lot of patience and determination. Regular check-up is the most essential part of the therapy that no one should miss. OTC medications can provide you faster relief. So, one can opt for it if the symptoms are excruciating. When you plan to Citra tramadol online fast delivery, make sure you get recommendation from your doctor first.


The above-mentioned information is not to be concluded as a physician’s words. The blog might not completely stick to the guidelines and warnings of the FDA. Hence, the readers must go through the FDA approved guidelines for the same.

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